Our Mission: Empower people with disabilities

Since the age of 6, Austen has been obsessed with Tea. It's his passion and his creative outlet. Constantly researcing, and sampling new varieties and blends and creating his own unique blends which he has always dreamt of sharing with the world.


The plan

Our plan is to open a store in Wilmslow and an online store, allowing customers to buy unique blends of artisanal teas blended by employees with additional needs. All the proceeds will go into employing educating and empowering people with additional needs.


Did you know that only 16% of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time paid employment, and only 32% are in some kind of paid work. We aim to change this. As an autistic family we have a saying which is to change the world not the person. This ethos has driven us to know that potential greatness is within everyone and that with only very minor, personalised adaptation and education that people can easily demonstrate this and surprise even themselves. All proceeds will go to supporting individuals to gain education and training within this sector, enabling those who may be conventionally written off by typical employers.


Where we are upto?

We are currently in the application process for additional charitable funding from the national lottery and we are looking to gain further funding from Kickstarter in order to gain the necessary funding to launch both a store in Wilmslow and an online store.

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