As we are a social enterprise we aspire to providing amazing quality Tea, but also in providing our staff with the optimal learning enviroment. 

As many of our staff have cognitive difficulties, they often find great difficulty in joining conventional employment often thge initial application, interview and "probationary period" are too stressful to bear.

As with all disabilities, no two are the same. For us this means two things.

1. Our staff our incredibly skilled in unique and personal ways.

2. Our staff may also need a customised learning environment in order to excel.

Please donate via the just giving page.

Soon we will launch our kickstarter project so please await that

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Your kindness and generosity will allow us to help as many people


We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help in so many ways. Some of the roles are;

  • Staff development coordinator - We are looking for caring people to help us shape and guide staff to achieve their full potential.


As some of our staff may need continual guidance during the day you will need to be a patient and  empathetic person who understands the challenges that people with additional needs face in daily life.

Please contact on you feel that you would like to;

  • Volunteer for existing roles

  • Enquire about other roles

  • Offer a unique skill

  • Offer professional advice to staff

As you may be working with vulnerable adults, all volunteers will be required to complete a DBS check.


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