Austen is 8 and he is brilliant, charismatic, unique in his world view and has an intense passion for tea. He is also autistic. So is his brother Tristan and his dad, Simon (me). For the past two years Austen has had two passions Tea and helping people. Austen has been on various tea blending workshops and is a dab hand at creating custom blends for us.


About a year ago Austen heard that Autistic people struggle to get into employment (only 16% being in full time work). He then decided that he would employ people with any form of disabiliy, by starting a business selling his own blends of tea.

I couldn't believe my 7, now 8 year old could be so thoughtful, but his desire to do this is absolute. So, for the past year I have been working on this dream of his, a dream that I now share. As such we decided to launch this, the Austen Tea Co. a non-profit intiative designed to be a fully inclusive, educational and inspiring place to come for a visit, buy some tea or work.

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